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Can Technology Beat Online Casino Statistics?

Will technology beat the casino? Every now and then we hear about a new program that claims to help players with their casino playing. The modern gambling world is based upon sophisticated algorithms that represent even more sophisticated principles of statistics. In light of such elaborate mechanisms is it even possible to offer a technological advantage for online casino players? The answer is far from simple. In general, casino games are designed so the player does not have a real chance of making money in the long run, but what about the short run?

A known rule of statistics talks about how regularity can be identified and even predicted when big numbers are involved. In the long run, as you play more and more rounds at the online casino, it is possible to predict the odds of you winning – and those odds are not good. The games are designed in a way that insures losses for the player in the long run. But people do win big sums of money, you would say. And you are right. In the short run, you have better odds at winning. The best advise you can get for online casino gambling –and you don’t need a technological assistance to implement this advise- is to quite while ahead. If you are winning, great! Stop playing.

Online casinos hold a great promise for winning, but you have to play wisely. There is no real technological magic that will help you nail that big jackpot you are seeking. However, there are ways to improve your odds. As mentioned, online gambling is based on statistics and statistics can be predicted. Many online gambling portals offer strategy maps that list predicted odds and ways to beat a game. You can try such solutions, but keep in mind that having fun is the most important aspect of the game!

OCA News Editor