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Sona Mobile to Offer Mobile Gambling Using Phones and PDAs

Sona Mobile Holdings has gotten the approval of The Nevada Gaming Commission and will be offering mobile casino wagering in the very near future. With almost everyone walking around with the cell phone in their pocket and many people already owning PDAs, the notion of mobile casino gambling was just a matter of time – and the time is now! Sona Mobile’s technology can run on mobile phones, PDAs or fixed terminals. This way a very large number of people can play and interact with its gambling software on the same time.

The new technology can cater for gambling games such as poker or slots, but it is also capable of featuring a sports book system and other wagering platforms. Players are able to access various games simultaneously from one single screen and enjoy a diverse and thrilling gambling experience. You don’t need a computer in order to enjoy video poker playing or to place bets on your favorite sports teams. You can just use your mobile phone or PDA and enjoy the same high level gambling experience. The approval of The Nevada Gaming Commission was the final barrier as gambling firms are not allowed to operate without the Commission’s license. “This license really is the barrier to entry for doing business in the state. The Nevada Gaming Commission has strict guidelines and regulations and we are thrilled to count ourselves among the very few that have met these high regulatory standards.” Said Sona Mobile’s CEO.

As technology advances, we will see new the online casino industry move to newer platforms. With gambling, the most important aspect of the experience is the use interface. By offering comfortable ways to gamble on the road, or in the house, firms are more likely to attract prospective gamblers. Personal technologies are becoming smaller, more mobile, and most importantly – much more comfortable. It would be a total waste not to adopt new technologies into the online gambling world.

OCA News Editor