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Malta Based Online Casino Firm Gets ISO Certification

A UK gambling firm based in Malta has managed to perfect its professional governance up to the standards of the international ISO 27001:2005 standard and was recently approved for certification. The ISO 27001:2005 certification indicates a high standard of information management and is referring to the firm’s Information Security Management System. In the world of internet gambling, it’s very important to provide a safe and private online experience. The UK firm, owned by Betfair Holdings, is the first iGaming company to meet the international certification standard and, consequently, the first firm to be certified by the International Standards Organization. If one firm made it, there is no reason why other gambling firms won’t get certified in the future.

“By attaining ISO 27001, Betfair is able to demonstrate its commitment to the integrity of its information systems, assuring its customers of optimum security for personal details,” said one of the firm’s spokesperson. Online players can be assured that their information is safe and that unauthorized access is not an option. Many people stay out of the online casinos and prefer to gamble in land-based venues, simply because they can’t trust the online world. Hopefully, this will show the gambling community that information safety is possible and that every one should strive for higher standards that will attract new players into the scene.

Most companies work hard at perfecting their gambling portfolios and at offering the newest possible betting technology; however, there are other aspects to the gaming experience. People need to feel safe at the online casinos. They need to know that they have nothing else to worry about, besides their neighbor’s poker hand at the table. Information security is a major topic in online technology these days, and the gambling industry should give this aspect of the internet world a center place in any strategic planning. Betfair has made a wise decision and made a long term investment. Worldly recognition by the International Standards Organization reflects positively on their business, a reflection that will surely translate into higher profits.

OCA News Editor