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Suspicious Email Circles Around Casino Players

Playing at online casino sites is just like any other online activity, and sometime you might find yourself the victims on online scamming. There are many ways to scam people online and there are many different technologies at use; however, one of the most common ways is by trigger emails. The IT security firm Sophos is warning that a growing number of online players are reporting a suspicious email that is circling around and might be dangerous. To keep your online gambling safe and sound you should avoid any unknown emails, especially if the title line notes: “You have a greeting card waiting” or something of this sort.

The IT security company has intercepted many spam emails that contain the mentioned line, or a slight variation (“You have received a postcard!”). Online casino players are advised to ignore such emails and carry on with their daily surfing business. The body of the email contains the following text: ” Hello friend ! You have just received a postcard from someone who cares about you! If you’d like to see the rest of the message click here to receive your animated postcard!” If you did get an email that sounds a bit too familiar now that you read the above information, there is nothing to be worried about. All you need to do is delete the email and nothing more.

The danger lies in opening the email as it might execute a file that infects the host computer with a Web-based Trojan. This kind of technology then enables other users to gain easy access to the computer through the web. You have to remember that online casino playing is a web-based experience, even if most of your playing is not through your web browser. Even when playing through an installed interface that you’ve downloaded from your favorite online casino, you are still maintaining a frequent online connection with your casino provider. Spammers realize that and might try and send you a trigger email by masquerading as your online casino firm. Check you mails carefully and you should have a safe online experience.

OCA News Editor