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Flexible Online Casino Technology Means More Games

On an almost monthly basis, the online casino industry yields out new casino games. Keeping the attractions fresh and offering new games all the time is what the industry is known for. Gambling fans are people who like to be constantly surprised and ‘on the edge’ – something that only constant updates can achieve. And why not? With online casino technology improving all the time, it is only logical for online casino turnkey providers to refresh their games portfolios on a regular basis. A happy online casino player needs to know that he will find new attractions every time he logs onto his favorite site.

Microgaming, a leader in online casino software and a well-respected technology developer, has released its monthly games package for April. The online casino turnkey provider decided to extend its successful online casino poker series with a new game titled “Double Double Bonus 10 Play Power Poker” and an additional two new themed video slots offers. The new poker game offers double the money and triple the excitement! The game has an extra five “4 of a kind” win combinations that makes it even more thrilling than the previous video poker offers from Microgaming. The video platform is very customizable and it is fairly easy to construct new games in a short amount of time. This means that video poker lovers will enjoy continues flow of new games in the near future.

The same goes for online casino video slots. The technology that these kinds of games are using is very similar to the one you are used to witness on your mainstream computer games. Easy tweaking and minor changes are enough to deliver a whole new experience – and online casino firms are constantly working at brining you the next big thrill. Microgaming is brining you two new video slots games. The first is titled “Life’s A Beach” and has a beach-like theme to it. Another major advantage that video slot technology has is the ability to change themes. Some people like sports while others prefer movies. By offering the same online casino game in a different wrapping, you are able to appeal to a larger audience.

OCA News Editor