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New Video Technology for the Online Casino

The online casino industry constantly developed new software and new technologies that help make it what it is today – a fun filled joy ride. Sure enough, another week passes and an announcement is released by some online casino technology developer that a new way of playing games is now available. This time it is from the online casino software company Microgaming, and it is a live video multi player version of slot tournaments.

The Multi Player Viper, known as MPV and simply as the Viper, will go on online casino sites that operate with Microgaming software these very days. Technology has joined the visionaries of the online casino industry in developing this new exciting feature, without any download burden or special requirements. No separate download is necessary and existing online casino accounts can be used to play these new versions of Viper. Tournaments, slot games especially, will be more exciting with the video feature as players will feel the competition much more vividly when playing against each other. Slots tournaments are indeed the first games to be released with Viper versions, but surely others will follow shortly.

The comments so far heard around the online casino community are positive. It is rare that online casino technologies disappoint users. They bring new blood to the games, taking the already exciting tournaments to new levels on a periodical schedule practically. The chief executive officer of the online casino software company said of the new technology: “We are at the beginning of MPV but it is very much a case of watch this space. Once rolled out across all our operators we will aim for the largest slot tournament community and largest tournament jackpot. But that’s just the beginning; we have other games in the pipeline – meanwhile enjoy the ride.”

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