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Online Casino Technology Source for Billions

Some must have felt gloomy about the prospects of the online casino industry’s slump year of 2006. Although by the end of the year the slump was almost entirely effaced and the industry re-emerged as a stronger, more international business, it was largely conceived as a slump year. But thanks to online casino technology companies, the industry is optimistic regarding the future. Estimates have it that the new realm of online casino gambling, the mobile casinos, brought to us by the innovative online casino technology companies, will amount to $16 billion by the year 2011, only a few years away.

The most recent market analysis was brought to us by the research group Juniper Research. The responses from the online casino market are not only sheer optimism but also renewed trust in the online casino technology that serves the industry and can take it to new places, new media and new record profits. All this is especially impressive following the “tightening of the legal barriers” that the online casino industry, sites and mobile gambling alike, have gone through in 2006, as one industry insider has said. Growth has certainly been stifled, albeit for a temporary period only. Prepare for huge amounts to come the online casino way.

For the online casino technology to set up mobile gambling and have it reach its current scope of $1.35 billion in 2006 was impressive enough. for the technology to develop so and carry the mobile gambling media to over $16 billion in four years time is absolutely tremendous. Much of this future profit is expected to come from the Asia Pacific market, which is already overtaking Europe. Accepting new technologies with open arms, the Asian market will make for nearly half of the overall mobile gambling market in 2011.

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