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Responsible Gambling on Mobile Online Casino

One of the most important issues that the online casino industry has to deal with in this stage of its development is the problem of responsible gambling, namely underage gambling. While the online casino sites have yet to come up with an efficient, legal and verifiable method to assure no underage gambling is taking place on its site, there is now another problem that rises with the introduction of the new gambling technology that offers online casino sites on cellphones. This industry, which will account for billions of dollars in the global market, must be tackled in somewhat different technological tools, since the nature of mobile gambling differs from that of online casino gambling.

Mobile entertainment, including online casino gambling, is already estimated at $17.3 billion a year. With gambling options to be more available in the future, it is expected to grow even more. This poses a challenge for online casino technology companies, who will have to prevent youth from gambling to maintain the industry’s legitimacy and ward off legal restraints. One idea that floats in the market, which originated with standard setting companies, is to have some of the profit from mobile online casino gambling donated to the Responsibility in Gambling Trust. From there the money will be directed to problem gambling support organizations.

While these ideas are not being accepted by the mobile providers at this point in time, online casino technology companies can see themselves benefiting from inventing solutions for the problem. In fact, a race to solve the problem of underage gambling on mobile online casinos is likely. This way the technology companies that bring online casino sites to mobile phones will benefit from this side of the industry, and can still benefit from inventing responsible gaming mechanisms at the same time.

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