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Online Casino Technology Must Solve Security Flaws

The choice with which American online casino gamblers remain with to manage their accounts at the gambling sites, following the developments with NETeller and the departure of other leading online casino payment companies, such as MyCitadel, from the market, is rather limited. Therefore, it is much more important to solve security issues that may be flawed with the remaining companies operating, for there is no substantial alternative. Online casino payment methods must ensure that account owners and account owners only be able to transfer funds from the said accounts. Instances that this has not always happened are worrisome and a problem with which online casino technology companies must address with no delay.

An account that surfaced on the Web recently has one payment company allow for a large sum be withdrawn from a user’s account without permission or notice. The sum, $2,000, was taken out at in several actions from a location half the world apart. PIN code security measures might not be enough to protect the account, which is a clear invitation for online casino technology companies to design a new protective measure. Effort is indeed being invested in this aspect and it is a field on which companies are competing to take the lead. Needless to say that this gambler and the community as a whole are hopeful this happens sooner rather than later.

Third party payment methods are making a name for themselves as sleazy and risky. The risk is not limited to losing money unexplainably from the account, but also that the phone calls to inquire the incidents go unanswered. Besides, the online casino itself often cannot guarantee the service the gambler may receive from this payment method. Until online casino technology companies improve security on this issue, credit cards, Western Union and Gift Cards will remain the safest options.

OCA News Editor