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Online Casino Technology in the Service of Terrorists?

The discourse surrounding the online casino industry has taken weird twists and turns over the years. Surely, it is somewhat of a controversial business. Online casino gambling is both a legit hobby and pastime of many around the world and a risky business to many who fail to abide by fair gaming and responsible gambling principles. But to tie online casino technology with anything to do with terror, namely as a funding means for terrorist activities, is surprising, to say the least.

The question whether online casino technology is in the service of a terrorist front is heard around the industry these days. With enormous sums changing hands at online casino sites, billions of dollars and growing, and the United States Federal government incensed with it leaving the country avoiding taxes, it is only natural for such blatant accusations to be thrown in the air. The Federal government first initiated the ban on online casino funding – the Act known as UIGEA – and is now trying to establish a tie in people’s minds between the discrete technology online casinos use and the terrorist cells funding subversive activities via the industry.

The allegations that online casino technology is being used to launder money that ends up in terrorists’ hands is only half of the picture. It also means that the contentious US Patriot Act can be used and applied to online casino investigations, revealing information tat ought to be kept private for gamblers’ sake. It all seems as yet another form of scare tactics used by the US government. Certainly such allegations of terrorist ties and responsibility for allowing the funding of terrorist cells is exaggerated and regarded with little serious respect. the better approach would be to counter online casinos, if that is what the government really wants to do, on more concrete grounds.

OCA News Editor