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Online Casino Technology Solves Legal Issues Too

Technology companies have taken it upon themselves to not only supply online casino games over mobile phones but to filter out gamblers from locations in which gambling is illegal as well. Thus they stretch their online casino technology to solve legal aspects and problems that the industry must deal with. Their role in the development of online casinos cannot be appreciated enough.

The location-based filtering patent from the online casino technology company is a system which will keep out gamblers who try to play at online casino sites over their phones when they are located in places where this practice is banned legally. They will instead be redirected to practice mode games and no-cash games. Other players, in locations where playing is legal, will have access to both modes of casino games – both for money and for fun.

While in the United States, companies that serve the online casino industry are concerned about repercussions of the gambling ban that has passed into the law books, so are mobile companies concerned about carrying online casino games over their phones against the law. This exactly is the concern addressed by this technological solution. Mobile network carriers will be very interested in the online casino technology solution that this patent offers.

The situation today is of fun based online casino games mostly. The technology-patent will allow online casino sites (and land based casinos too) to offer the casino games over mobile phones and upgrade their service. The technology company’s CEO described the goal of solving problems as the online casino industry broadens its service. “In mobile gambling, success is achieved by combining a fun player experience with superior technology and affective distribution.”

Companies that use their technological proficiency and experience take care of several fronts: technologically allowing the online casino industry to spread to new media, such as mobile phones; legally solving problems and concerns as they emerge; and increasing the revenue for all involved, including gamblers.

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