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Online Casino Chips Improve Gambling Safety

A leading online casino portal reported on development work by a hi-tech company creating gambling chips with embedded alarm-triggering tracers to help improve safety measures for online casinos players. In a sequel to the story, the online casino chip technology company has announced that the final product will be launched next month – probably at the London ICE show. The anti-theft measures incorporated into the online casino tracer chips consist of an RFID-based Electronic Chip Surveillance (ECS) system. This system uses tags within the chips, which trigger alarms if taken through electronic sensors.

Online casino fans will be happy to know that this new technology is well underway to becoming a staple in the online casino industry. Now, playing at online casinos will be less scary for many online gamblers and more of a pleasant experience for newcomers to the online gambling scene. This security measure will help bring more online gambling fans to the virtual doors of online casinos. Both parties will surely win with this new product.

The technology system combines the benefits of the 125 KHz frequency online casino currency control with increased security protection against theft. The company’s other RFID products and readers suitable for table management applications and online casino currency controls will probably be showcased aside the new electronic chips. Pre-show publicity from the company entails a poker table reader boasting a capability to count up 800 chips and calculate both the operator’s commission as well as the total value of the pot.

With such advancements in technology for the online casino industry and online gamblers, the world audience will be happy to know that there is yet another security measure that has been taken to help make the online casino world safer and more attractive to both veteran and potential online gambling fans. And as the online casino industry grows, so will crime, making this new product that much more appreciated in the Internet gambling community.

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