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3D Online Casino Poker Site Launched

A leading online casino poker group has recently launched a unique online casino poker site which brings something very fresh and new to poker fans – 3D poker! Online casinos players will love this new online gambling site which offers advanced technology, outstanding graphics and amazing realistic sound. It is already receiving a positive response from online gambling fans everywhere and was launched by the French game developer.

The new 3D online casino poker site claims that it represents a revolution in online casino poker because players can customize personal avatars and use them to project emotions to their opponents. The online casino game developer has created a rich three-dimensional interface technology that immerses the player in conditions which are as close to those of real-life poker tournaments as possible. Who wouldn’t want to have the feeling of being in a real brick-and-mortar casino?

Every online casino player sets up a personality to go along with his or her real or dream character, and that character acts the way the player wishes it to. The online casino character can do anything the player wants, from glancing nervously around the room to sitting with a true ‘poker’ face. This only goes to further display the technology advancements this online casino game group has pioneered. Online casino players are represented by their avatar, whose appearance and personality can be tailored to suit their fancy.

There’s a choice of 20 male or female online casino characters, and players can customize everything from the clothes they wear to their eye and hair color. The same goes for the online casino 3D poker rooms, which offer an assortment of environments including private parlors, specialist tournament rooms, underground gambling dens, and even a provincial farmhouse. Technology is the name of the game at this new 3D poker online casino. Online casino players’ reactions and the comments they exchange through the dialogue box complete the game’s realistic atmosphere. Body language and bluffing can be done as if players were sitting in a land based casino.

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