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Hi-Tech Company Brings Blackjack Bot to Online Casino Fans

A leading technology company has recently expanded their supported casino list for their popular Blackjack Bot, offering it at over 11 famous online casino sites. This Blackjack Bot clears over US 1,400 dollars in initial deposit bonuses. The company’s auto-play program plays perfect online casino blackjack for online casinos players while they are away from their computer. It is also a handy tool for clearing the minimum wagering requirements that the online gambling sites enforce before allowing them to withdraw any part of a match deposit bonus.

‘The online casinos have to offer deposit bonuses as part of their marketing, because this is the industry standard and it’s expected of them. It works for them because most players will become impatient and make larger bets, throwing themselves at the mercy of variance and the house edge,’ said the sales and marketing director for the technology company. Using the Blackjack Bot, online casino players can keep making the minimum online casino bet until the wagering requirements have been met.

Having the discipline, time, and patience to do this manually is something that is out of reach for most human online casino players that actually have to lead. With the Blackjack Bot online casino players can just turn it on when they go to bed at night and upon waking up, their wagering requirements will often have been met. It even has a setting for the maximum number of hands so it stops betting after their bonus has been cleared.

The current price of the Blackjack Bot program is US 149 dollars, which means for a US 149 dollar investment, online casino players can expect to earn back a profit of over US 1,100 dollars in about 2 1/2 weeks. Not to mention the fact that about half of these online casino sites offer regular monthly ‘reload bonuses’ as well, currently totaling over US 500 dollars per month. Once online casino fans purchase a license, it is good for life and they will also have free access to all future upgrades. The robot technology company also offers a Poker Bot as well for those who love online casino poker.

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