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Online Casino Software Giant Denies Criminal Activity

A leading Internet software company that worked with an online casino, which has been indicted among others in a major sports betting bust, is protesting its innocence following a public announcement of the New York case. The software giant is well respected in the forensic and DDoS technology field as well as in the online casino industry. The company took immediate steps to point out that it was simply an anti-DDoS contractor to a leading online casinos site.

‘Our job is to prevent DDoS attacks, which are one of the most costly cyber crimes on the Internet… in the past has worked closely with US and UK law enforcement agencies in regard to tracking DDoS attackers, and was instrumental in the arrest of a high-profile Russian mafia figure that used DDoS to take Web sites hostage until paid a ransom. We have a history of cooperating with law enforcement authorities, and our name will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, we are continuing to operate, as the leader in DDoS defense services,’ said Keith Laslop, president of online casino and Internet software firm. DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service, is the main technology service provided by this online casino supporting software developer solutions group.

The company was named in the indictment as the Web host provider to an online casino sports book. The technology leader provides a service that, amongst other things, masks a client’s IP address in order to mitigate DDoS attacks, whether it is at an online casino or other Internet Web site. When a trace route is performed, it appears that the group is the host server, when in fact this is not the case. How this case will unfold remains to be seen.

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