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Difficult to Legislate Online Casino Technology

First it was the Wire Act of 1961 that U.S. authorities used to justify their assault on online casino gambling. Now it is a specific law, the sort of law that online gambling companies have said didn’t exist and because of other issues probably wouldn’t exist for some time. However, online casinos have been shown the door, as it were, in America and the companies which have helped to fuel the online casino boom the most – the technology developers – must not be happy with this apparent downturn in the quite literal fortunes of online casino companies.

The effect of the anti-online casino law in the U.S. was immediate as far as stock exchanges are concerned. Many an online casino firm, including software providers supplying online casino companies with the programs not only powering the online casino sites but also the alternative payment methods which cater to them, lost almost all profits which had been gained since going public. Online casino technology firms on the London Stock Exchange were severely hit, and even if the push to refocus online casino energies on Europe is successful, making up what was lost will take some time.

You can probably rest assured that as far as computing technology goes, online casino companies will not be left in the dark. In fact, over the long term online casino software providers may spring up all over Europe as the industry extends its reach into the Continent, and as the UK takes center stage in the online casino world by default, keep your eyes peeled for many UK-based technological advances for the online casino industry.

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