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Online Casino Tech Crackdown

GB Group PLC, which develops online casino software, has decided to profit from the deteriorating US online casino gambling market and take sides with those who will cash out from the crackdown, as they will release an extension to their already up and running international identity verification technology, ID3. It is set to include the ability to monitor the geographic location of customers of the different online casinos when they place bets.

The online casino gambling industry has witnessed President Bush sign the bill into law, but as of today, 90% of online casinos will continue to accept bet from US citizens. GB Group’s feature will look to reduce this percentage by enabling online gaming firms to identify where a customer is located in a geographic sense before processing their application. The customer can then be redirected to the free-play section of the operator’s site or be declined.

Data authentication is one of GB’s areas of expertise; it provides electronic age and identification services to sectors including financial services, online gaming and mobile telecommunications. GB plans not only to release the service in the US, but in 21 countries, altogether.

OCA News Editor