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Cubis to Enter Online Casino

After being played by millions worldwide, the game of Cubis will hit the online casino pretty soon. The exciting game is constantly played online and due to its immense popularity has been chosen to be released on the Treo 700w and is one of nine premium games to launch on the newest iPods. Cryptologic, a leading online casino software provider, plans to take control of Cubis’ transition to the online casinos and has signed an exclusive five-year agreement for the rights to develop the award-winning, visually stunning, three-dimensional puzzle game.

Past successes are boosting Cryptologic’s confidence as they look to their online casino version of Bejeweled, which has quickly become a players’ favorite. They have no doubt that Cubis will have a similar success rate. The game will be modified for play at the online casinos and will make its debut in a slots version. The game will feature a three-dimensional board, intense graphics, a variety of game backgrounds and hidden secrets. With up to 15 winning lines and possible payouts worth 50 000 coins, players can wager as little as one penny to as much as $300 per play.

According to company officials, the game and will be offered to licensees through Cryptologic’s subsidiary, WagerLogic Limited, and will be ready for action starting in the fourth quarter of 2006.

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