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The Cash Will Find its Way to the Online Casino

Whoever expected American online casino players to change online gambling with, let’s say, golf, is in for a surprise. Millions of Americans see online casino gambling as much more than a pastime or a hobby. It is a means of quenching an incessant thirst for adrenaline, or paying the bills and in some cases we are talking about people’s day jobs- and that is just the players, not the online casino employees. Taking all this into consideration, many are sure that American money will most definitely find its way through not-so-new technological aids, enroute to the online casinos, despite the new bill.

The legislation is designed to prohibit U.S. banks and credit card companies from processing payments for online casino gambling but experts are saying that the U.S. can’t shut down online gambling completely. The problem the US government is going to face is that many of these online casinos don’t deal directly with U.S. consumers, but instead work through online independent and offshore intermediaries which transfer money from bank accounts to online businesses for a fee.

Should the US government decide to crackdown on the existing online intermediaries, others may surface, a fact that raises many questions regarding the level of enforcement that can be applied. And finally, as with every financial pickle, there are those who profit from others’ losses, and there have been reports that a number of Las Vegas casino companies have been hoping for a relaxation of Internet gambling laws that might allow them to enter the business.

OCA News Editor