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The FUN Continues at the Online Casino

In an effort to understand who is off the hook regarding the US ban on online casino gambling, the question of skill games arises. The law might not be limited to online casino games or sports betting, and the so called skill games, such as online checkers, could also fall under the measure’s wide net. The Internet gambling bill that the Congress recently passed prohibits U.S. banks and credit-card companies from processing transactions for online casinos. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.

While the only games the law specifically exempts are online casino horse racing and lotteries, the giant Canadian skill games provider FunTech, has announced that it would continue to operate business as usual as it most likely will not be affected by the bill. The company has decided to continue operating its FUN Games and FUN Sports divisions despite the rumors that they might be labeled under “games if chance” which are forbidden at the online casinos. The company spokesman is convinced that the skill games will not be banned since they fall under the category of fantasy sports contests, and as it has always been legal, it will continue to be legal.

The company sees the new legislation as an opportunity, not only because FUN Technologies operates in areas not covered by the bill, but also because other large Internet gambling companies, who have just lost a big chunk of their market, will be looking to fill the void with legal activities, the kind that FUN Technologies provides.

OCA News Editor