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Technological solutions for the online casinos

Legal restrictions and proposals to ban online casinos, in the United States and elsewhere in the world, pose a threat to the industry. While the battle takes place at courtrooms and parliaments, some in the business are thinking of a new ways and solutions to keep the business growing in popularity. New developments in the online casino technology and software areas offer such solutions.

Technological developments, like the new RedHotPartners from GameAccount Global, are likely to prove even more popular as online casino sites seek new directions to continue what they do best. The company, an enabler of pay-to-play online casino services, is due to release its online casino skill games affiliate program. The program is already proving popular, with several leading online casinos using the technology on their sites. It offers high value skill games such as Gin Rummy and Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments.

Lee-Ann Johnstone, the online casino technology company’s newly appointed Affiliate Marketing Manager, said, “Skill Gaming is definitely underexposed in the market as a recognized source of attractive revenue generation. These are Affiliates looking to diversify their portfolios by advertising skill game brands that do not fall within the tighter current legislative restrictions.”

OCA News Editor