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On the Phone: Online Casinos

Online casino technology has come a long way in the past decade, and even in the past year. Not only do we now have online casinos by the thousands, featuring a mass number of graphically enhanced and player-friendly games, but online casino technology has even created an entirely new world of mobile online casinos. Online casino sites are more and more available on mobile phones and PDAs, not only on computers. A sign for the industry’s growth could be found in such events as the Mobile Entertainment Awards.

The annual award, the first one will be held September 19 in London, England, is produced by Mobile Entertainment Magazine. The magazine’s goal is to honor excellence of those who provide gambling content for mobile devices and others in the online casino industry. The online casino company that has created a downloadable online gambling game, or has set up a platform for handling billing and/or player registrations will be awarded Best Gambling Company.

Each category – these include the Best Gambling Company category, Best Games Developer and Best Games Service Provider – features five finalists. For the contenders, as for all the other vendors and presenters at the award ceremony, the competition will allow everybody in the online casino technology world to win recognition from peers and have a fun night out. With their handhelds, they will also never be too far from their favorite online casino.

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