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Crossbreed Technology between Online Casino and Land-Based

A new crossbreed online casino technology might be put to use in a new facility at the Hollywood Park land casino. A new ePoker room is now under construction and player will soon be able to experience a new kind of poker gaming platform unlike the one that is offered by online casino sites, or land-based casinos. The new crossbreed platform is a combination between the way people play poker at online casino sites, and the way they do at land-based casinos.

People will enter a room that resembles the look of the online casino poker rooms and will play poker by pressing small touch screen computer monitors on the table. There will be no dealers or chips and everything will be computerized and feel like an online casino poker room. The player will have an electronic card with credit that will indicate that amount of money that he has. Players will deposit money into the card and use it at the table. Sounds like an online casino, doesn’t it?

The objective of the new online casino-like poker room is to create a faster way to play poker at land-based casinos. The experience is totally different and believed to attract many new players. Basically, this is taking the best of both worlds and combining them together with new technology. When people get accustomed to such kind of poker playing, the move to genuine online casino poker room will be much smoother for them, and more people will gamble at online casino sites.

OCA News Editor