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Online Casino Texas Hold’em Migrates to New Platform

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular games at the online casino world, and it is surely the most popular of poker games that are available online. This mega success wasn’t left unnoticed, and now online casino Texas Hold’em is going to enjoy a new platform as it migrates to the world of console gaming. Fans of Microsoft’s Xbox, the leading console technology of our times, are now able to enjoy this great online casino game and play it at their homes using their Xbox console.

The online casino game will be part of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade platform and will be available in stores starting August twenty-third. Players will also be able to download the online casino game free of charge for a limited time. The game will be a complete online attraction as Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade technology is put to practice. Players will be able to challenge other online casino players as well as participate in online tournaments. Just as PC and Mac users do with their machines, Xbox users are able to go online using their console and practice online gambling.

Microsoft’s developing team stated that this is the closest that players can be to the real thing with existing technology, and that the online casino game enjoys the latest technology in the world of home entertainment. This is a great new feature as people without a computer are able to enjoy the online casino experience. Texas Hold’em couldn’t have been a better choice for Microsoft, and it’s great to see that online casino games are used on several platforms.

OCA News Editor