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Mobile Technology for Online Casino Gambling Advances

The online casino industry is going mobile. More and more online gambling companies are exploring the world of mobile gambling and implementing new technologies all the time. Zone4Play, one of the online gambling operators, has launched a new service supporting new mobile technology that enables players to play Keno of the road. 3G Keno will be a part of Zone4Play’s Play4Pointes scheme where online casino players can redeem content for loyalty points. Many online casino sites are looking for the technology that will enable players to stay connected all the time.

The biggest technologic improvement in recent years in mobile online casino gambling came with the introduction of mobile technology that could be seamlessly integrated into the online casino. Players couldn’t tell the different between an online gambling opponent and a mobile casino one. All players can play in the same room, bet on the same game, and challenge each other. The separation between online casino sites and mobile gambling features was gone.

The online casino community is much larger than the mobile one, and that is why it is very important to use online casino technology that allows mobile gamblers to play at the online casino sites, where most gamblers play. Online gambling is a social activity and without a large and supportive community, much of the fun and magic is gone. Today, mobile players are a part of the online gambling community. If you want to have fun on the road, then make sure that the technology that you choose to use enables online gambling as well.

OCA News Editor