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Poker Online Casino Launches New Technology and Features

A host of new features have been introduced to the poker online casino site Bos Poker. One of the highlights of the new technology was the launch of 7 card stud poker which is a popular new addition to the online casino. The new features were introduced as part of an upgrade to the site operated by leading online casino operator Bet on Sports.

7 card stud poker is making a comeback in the online casino industry. It is reported that since the online casino hype of Texas Hold’em poker last year, this form of poker is gaining wide popularity. It has not only gained ground in online casino circles, but also the land casinos are reporting an increased interest in the form of the game. Officials with the poker online casino are confident that the loyal customer base will take quickly to the idea of playing 7 card stud poker online. And new technology is always being developed to ensure the best gaming for players.

Other new upgrades offered by the online casino include graphics upgrade for all games, a more user-friendly lobby page and a tournament leader board where players can view how they stack up against others on a daily, weekly and even yearly basis in various tournaments. The online casino has also introduced a player search engine allowing customers to quickly find out where their friends are playing and join those tables with ease. Find out how this new technology will make your gaming experience better.

OCA News Editor