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New Online Casino Joins Microgaming Technology Network

A new online casino poker room has joined Microgaming’s popular technology network this week and has adopted the unique approach of attracting players by offering them a chance to purchase shares in the online casino firm. Tell Poker has this week joined the ranks of poker operators belonging to the Microgaming technology Poker Network and has announced that 20 percent of shares will be up for grabs during the online casino firm’s first one and a half years of operation.

According to one of Tell Poker’s founders, Anders Ericcson, the online casino company’s policy of offering shares to players for their loyalty is only fair. “We think it’s fair that those players generating growth and value for Tell Poker, should be shareholders in the company,” Ericsson said, pointing out that the online casino technology firm also intends to offer a valuable affiliate program to reward regular members for referring friends to the site. The firm’s decision to join the Microgaming network came after the online casino software provider announced that it has paid out over $199 million from its 40 sites since it was founded three years ago.

Tell Poker will also offer online casino fans the chance to join a professional poker team comprised of poker professionals Jonas Norrman and Andreas Hurtig. The team will participate in a series of international tournaments. Online casino technology fans can apply to join the team by filling in an application form at the Tell Poker site and the winners will be expected to demonstrate their poker skills at the European Poker Tournament in Barcelona in September.

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