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Two New Online Casino Firms Join Boss Technology

Swedish online casino technology provider Boss Media has signed up a further two online casino firms this week. Cyprus-based operators Bashedger and The Bet Arena will join Boss Media’s online casino poker network in August, and Italian gaming manufacturer Zest Gaming will provide the network with new technology gaming terminals.

The Cyprus-based online casino firms Bashedger and The BetArena will go live with Boss technology poker software and network from August this year. A further eight online casino operators based in Greece and Cyprus are expected to join the network later in the year, including Euro Telegroup, Magic Number and BetClick. The deal with Italian firm Zest Gaming involves Boss Media providing the company with three new online casino games that will be added to their live gambling devices.

The deal with Zest Gaming is expected to strengthen Boss technology’s knowledge of the Italian online casino market, one of the biggest markets in Europe. Zest Gaming’s chief executive, Roberto Cian, has said he is pleased to be able to offer Boss Media content on his company’s hardware platform, referring to the online casino firm’s games as offering “superior graphics.”

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