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Online Casino Now Offers Linux Compatible Technology

A leading online casino site is now offering two software games that are compatible with Linux technology systems. The online casino has announced that it is now offering two software versions that are compatible with Linux operating technology. The new online casino software, entitled ‘No-Download Quick Play’ allows Linux players the chance to play on top-notch software and choose between the real money and free practice money play. The newest option for Linux technology users are the free Flash games. The five Flash online casino games are blackjack, roulette and three slot machine choices.

All of the online casino games are also compatible with standard PC and Macintosh technology. Until recently most alternative operating systems were excluded from the online casino industry. Many Mac users were not able to use access the top online casino sites that were available to everyone else. With the burst of the online casino industry, the technology producers realized that it was in their best interest to offer the games to all operating systems.

Sean Lifton, Marcom Manager for the online casino, believes that Linux users will greatly appreciate the new software options on their website. An added feature is that webmasters can easily install the online casino technology on their own sites because the code of the games is freely available.

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