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Boss Media Signs Up for New Online casino Technology

Swedish online casino technology provider, Boss Media, is busy signing up more and more online casinos – one in Cyprus and one in Italy. It has been a busy week for the online casino technology provider, Boss Media. The Swedish based company managed to sign up another gambling company to use its technology and also closed an IVT deal with an Italian operator of gaming terminals. The two Cyprus based online casino operators that agreed to use Boss Media’s technology are Bashedger and The Bet Arena and they will go live with Boss Media’s poker technology and network from August this year.

The online casino technology provider also closed a deal with Italian-based Zest which involves Boss furnishing the company with three games to be placed on their cabinets for the domestic market. Roberto Cian, chief executive of Zest Gaming, said he was pleased to be able to offer Boss Media content on his company’s hardware platform. The said that the combination of the two companies’ technologies was the most advanced in the market so together with Boss Media’s top graphics and game content, they are able to offer a very competitive package to the online casino industry.

The continued signing of deals is essential for the growth of online casino technology providers. With new online casino sites opening up al the time, the technology providers have to ensure that they are included in the action.

OCA News Editor