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Online Casino Technology Developer Includes Mahjong

In a move widely seen as beneficial to the Asian online casino world, casino technology developer Playtech has announced that it intends to provide eleven online casinos with mahjong by the end of 2006. The technology firm’s chief executive Avira Zmora has announced the signing of an exclusive licensing contract with Tanksoft Inc will help to develop the game for online casino sites.

According to Zmora, eleven online casino sites have requested the technology to cater specifically to Asian casino players. In order to ensure the quality of the new product, Playtech has partnered with TankSoft, a development firm for the online casino industry, which has a well-established presence in the mahjong world. Tanksoft’s Dr Tai Up Kim has been involved in the industry for approximately 30 years. According to Dr Kim, the new partnership will help to produce a world leading mahjong offering, while also assisting Playtech with its goal of establishing a strong presence in the Asian online casino technology industry.

In recent years, traditional games of luck and skill such as mahjong, teen patti and keno have become popular favorites with online casino technology. Playtech’s new mahjong offering will be available in a variety of Asian languages and will support local rules and cultural nuances. Currently, mahjong is one of the region’s most popular online casino games.

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