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Online Casino Group Launches Backgammon Technology

Vegas Interactive, an online casino technology group, has announced the launch of a new backgammon portal which will allow players to play backgammon technology 24-7, without needing to download software from the online casino. Instant backgammon is what is being promised to online casino players from the 20th June. The announcement was made by online casino group Vegas Interactive, which will launch non-download backgammon technology that will allow players to play backgammon for free, or for money. The players will simply have to open an account with no commitments and will then be able to enjoy the fast and exciting action of backgammon from the online casino.

In celebration of the online casinos launch of the backgammon technology, special cash prizes are being offered to anyone who signs up between 21st June and 31st September 2006. Anyone who opens up and account and signs up to the new backgammon online casino, stands in line of winning GBP 250K and more cash prizes in an instant win promotion. New players not only get to experience the excitement of new backgammon software, but they also stand in line of winning superb cash prizes from the online casino.

A spokesperson for the backgammon online casino technology said that they were very excited to launch the new backgammon network, and intends for this site, and other strategic changes made, to take the online casino company to new levels. He says that the company was looking for partnerships with gaming operators who would synergize with the new backgammon software.

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