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Anti-virus Technology Protects Online Casino Gamblers

An unfortunate new trend among computer criminals is to drop spyware technology into the systems of gamblers who visit online casinos. The criminals then fish for passwords and log in details, access the online casino sites and lose to themselves – with money from the unsuspecting gamblers’ accounts. An anti-virus technology company offers a solution for online casino fans.

Many players at the online casino have recently found out that they were the unwilling partners to scamsters who rootkitted their personal computers and used their personal information to cheat them out of money. Every time these gamblers visited online casino sites, their secret details were sent to an unknown site and then used later by the criminals to steal money from their accounts. Online casinos are warning players to be vigilant against what could be a new criminal trend and technology in the industry.

An anti-virus technology, Scan Safe, has decided to take the initiative to protect gamblers at the online casino as much as possible. The company provides free downloadable software to those who frequent online casino sites. In effect, if players search for online casinos, the technology scans the sites and provides check symbols to warn players if the sites are safe (green tick), potentially offensive (cross), questionable (question mark), or contain spyware or viruses (a spider symbol). This tool essentially helps gamblers recognize problematic sites and warns them about potential dangers.

Criminals target online casino technology due to the huge amount of player traffic at these sites. In addition, rootkitting unsuspecting gamblers’ accounts at online casinos is a relatively simple process and makes the crime hard to prove.

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