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Online Casino Technology Goes to the Movies

The online casino Aces has signed a deal to sponsor a new movie about poker technology. The online casino is giving away exciting prizes to celebrate the movie’s release in the fall. The movie that the online casino will be sponsoring will be a thriller about the world of poker technology. More and more the online casino industry is making itself felt outside the internet. There have been television realty shows about online casino sites too. The online casino announced that the movie will be premiered on September 26th, 2006.

Gamblers at the online casino will benefit from a huge range of promotion prizes and technology games that are connected to the movie. Lucky online casino winners will be able to win all-expenses paid trips to Los Angeles to see the movie premier, and the online casino will also be giving away thousands of DVD’s of the movie that is being produced by Warner Brothers and Polychrome Pictures.

The movie is sure to bring big business to the online casino technology industry. Movies have a very big impact on society and when people see this exciting movie about an online casino game, they will be tempted to try out an online casino for themselves.

OCA News Editor