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Online Casino Technology Goes 3-D

The future of gaming in the online casino industry seems to be 3-D technology. The latest online casino company to join this trend is Esprit Marketing Limited. Online casino technology continues to move forward at in incredible pace. New sound and graphic technology make a gambler’s visit to the online casino so realistic that many feel that they are in a real casino. Many people are familiar with 3-D features of technology through games that are usually played on arcade type systems. There was no reason then, that this concept would not make its way to the online casino world in the form of 3-D games.

Esprit Marketing Limited has announced that it will launch the United Kingdom’s first 3-D online casino and poker technology. Based on the platform of Swedish software company, 3-D Internet Games, the online casino will present realistic 3-D graphics and games to its players, creating one of the most exciting online casino experiences available today. Players will get to enjoy fabulous new features, such as a realistic poker table and interaction with other players at the table. Also new is the ability to view the action at the table from different angles, using camera movements.

Another special feature offered by the online casino will be for the gambler to create his own unique 3-D persona who will play at the online casino. The gambler will be able to design the character himself, from the hair style to facial figures. Exciting things are happening in the gambling world these days!

OCA News Editor