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World Series of Poker Merges with Online Casino Technology

Activision Publishing Inc is celebrating the release of a brand new video game technology for online casino fans following on from the success of last year’s record-breaking World Series of Poker game. “World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions” was revealed at the E3 Expo this week and takes high-stakes poker action to new heights. Excited fans attending the event have predicted the game will be a sure-fire hit with online casino fans and will encourage more people than ever before to try their luck at online casino technology.

The firm’s DigiMask Technology increases the realistic gaming atmosphere by allowing online casino fans to add their faces into the poker game. Players will also receive exclusive access to a range of poker tools and technology designed to improve their play. The storyline allows an online casino fan to portray a newly-fledged poker professional starting out and building a career under the expert eye of Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. And it’s not just the online casino fans raving over the game.

Commissioner of the World Series of Poker, Jeffrey Pollack, has referred to it as “the most authentic and realistic World Series of Poker video game to ever hit the shelves.” Gaming merchandise targeting online casino fans continues to sell at unprecedented levels worldwide. Online casino fans have a wide range of technology games to choose from, mostly focusing on poker.

OCA News Editor