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The Latest in Online Casino Technology

Visitors attending online casino events usually have one thing in common – they are often drawn to the latest technology. The technology used to power the world’s online casino sites has advanced rapidly since the first versions were introduced over ten years ago. And while casino fans might opine that skill and luck control one of the most exciting forms of entertainment, there is little doubt that the online casino industry relies heavily on gaming software to retain its fans.

The demand for new games, sharper graphics and high sound quality have spawned several large software companies dedicated to advancing the technological capabilities of the online casino industry. Today some of these software firms dedicate almost half their resources to research and development. Major companies like MicroGaming, Playtech and Boss Media have helped push the boundaries of online casino technology to new heights. Five years ago, downloadable software gave way to flash technology. Today, the latest advances include mobile and satellite gaming for online casino sites, along with server-based technology for live casinos.

The relationship between the technology industry and the online casino industry has become largely symbiotic. Since the mid 1990s, hundreds of new operators have entered the market. As they are forced to find new ways of attracting and retaining fans, they demand the latest in software advancements to offer players a superior gaming experience. Technology wise, it is difficult to predict what comes next, but as access to the internet becomes more widely available, it is almost certain that the technological advances in the online casino industry will be impressive.

OCA News Editor