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More People are Playing Online Casino Technology at Work

It has been reported that more employees visited online casino technology sites last week in the lead up to the Grand National in England. These visits during business hours to online casino sites went up 73%. These statistics are causing concern for many organizations, as they illustrate that employees are increasingly using the Internet for personal reasons, including online casino betting. Around 40% of users are now spending around an hour each day on recreational surfing alone. It comes as no surprise that people are checking out online casino technology sites on the run up to the biggest UK horse race. Scan Safe, a leader in managed web security services, polled almost 1 billion web requests during the first few days of April, and saw a dramatic surge in employee visits to online casino betting sites.

The horse that was most widely searched for at the online casino betting sites was Hedge hunter. It was reportedly searched for 130 times during one single day by one of Scan safe’s larger online casino technology customers. Hedge hunter was one of the favorites for the race which would explain the large number of searches made for it at the online casino sites.

It is really quite amazing. You can do everything via the internet nowadays, including betting on the horses. The online casino technology is booming, offering as good a service as land casinos from the comfort of home, or as we have seen in this article, from the office computer. Online casino gamblers can play their favorite games or follow the race and place a bet any time day or night, which is a real sign of the times.

OCA News Editor