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Online Poker Thief Finds Technology Loophole

Nine Swedish residents, some who have never played at online casino technology before, have unfortunately fallen victim to a Swedish online casino thief. While the online poker room the thief was registered with maintains that its security policies are second to none, the enterprising thief managed to drain the bank accounts of all nine people to spend the entire collective amount on online casino gaming.

Police investigating the crime believe that the details of the nine banking cards were stolen from a department store in Skovde. One of the department’s employees has been accused of making a record of all nine accounts and using them to fund his online casino technology habit. The employee allegedly provided the online casino with false names and addresses to register and then began playing online casino games with little thought for the consequences.

While each person has now received their money back from the online casino site, Swedish police are emphasizing that security and technology checks at some online casino sites have grown lax. Some have reportedly failed to match card numbers with addresses – news that hardly inspires online casino fans with confidence. However, in response to the highly publicized case, several gaming firms have presented evidence of stringent security policies in order to set their fans’ minds at rest.

OCA News Editor