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Baccarat Online Casino Technology for Asian Fans

Asian fans of baccarat software technology are already talking about the new online casino version of the game on offer at Easy Bet Casino. The online casino technology has partnered with Chinese technology firm Entertasia Technology to launch the new online casino product branded as Live Baccarat.

Entertasia Technology’s chief executive officer Jason Chan believes that the firm’s Chinese roots and knowledge of the local market will help propel the firm to success in the Asian market. According to Chan, the online casino baccarat technology was designed based on the Asian way of thinking. A solid understanding of Chinese gambling behavior was also used in the development of the online casino game, which has already caught the attention of several other online casino firms seeking to make their mark in the lucrative Asian market.

In Chan’s words: “If you eat Chinese food, you would eat with chopsticks and not fork & knife.” The young CEO is hoping that Live Baccarat will prove a huge hit in the Asian market and will help Entertasia Technology build relationships with other prominent online casino firms. Already the Chinese software company has commenced work with online casino operator Victor Chandler and has earned high praise from sports betting firm Easy Bet.

OCA News Editor