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Online Casino Industry Faces Technology Bots

A recent article in USA Today has gone a long way in investigating one of the largest threats to online casino technology. However, online casino fans expecting to read about potential U.S. legislation or the falling share prices in online casino firms have instead found themselves reading an article on bot technology networks. What does this mean for the future of the online casinos?

The term bot networks refers to groups comprised of hackers and technology whizzes that attempt to infiltrate security measures at online casino sites. According to computer security firm McAfee, approximately 28,000 distinct bot networks surface each year; some of them intent on reaping rewards from the online casino industry. Most of the networks’ members are young males, often of college or school age, who participate in bot networks for financial reward or the status success brings. While financial institutions and major corporations tend to be the main focus, many bot networks have in the last few years turned their attentions to online casino sites. As a result, gambling operators are forced to continually update their security software and procedures to stay one step ahead of hackers.

While last year’s high profile story on a poker robot technology caused ripples amongst the online casino industry, there is no way of accurately predicting the level of damage a bot network can wreak. Most elite hackers have links with organized crime and take great pains to cover their tracks. According to USA Today, few ever get caught. The article reminds online casino fans once again to check the security of their favorite gaming sites and to protect their personal information at all costs.

OCA News Editor