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Largest Bingo Win with Online Casino Technology

Mother of three Jo Collins had only been playing online casino technology for five days before she won over 162,000 pounds sterling at Gala Bingo Online. The Special Needs School driver’s win is said to be the largest ever recorded at an online casino bingo site. The win is widely regarded to be the largest ever received by an online casino bingo player, surpassing an earlier record of 130,000 pounds.

Jo Collins was visiting her daughter when she realized she’d won a substantial prize playing online casino technology. She quickly informed her husband, who mistakenly believed that the win had been 1600 pounds. He was astounded to learn moments later that the online casino technology jackpot totaled 160,000 pounds. When asked on what she plans to do with her winnings, Collins says that she plans to pay off her mortgage and car loan and take her family on holiday to Australia to celebrate her online casino win.

Dominic Harrison, the online casino bingo site’s electronic commerce managing director, said he was “delighted” by the win, which comes just as the online casino firm launches a publicity campaign for its new-look technology bingo website.

OCA News Editor