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Online Casino Technology Compares to Land Based

Do gamblers of online casino technology eventually start gambling at land casinos? Is it really true what they say about online casinos gamblers, or is it merely a myth? A brand new comprehensive study was just released by the online casinos information destination, Monkey bet. It is the first detailed study to compare bettors at online casino technology with bettors at traditional land casinos in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The company has a database of over 100,000 gambling customers from online casinos and offline casinos, and conducted the study partly to release the information worldwide and partly to understand the competition with other online casino technology and offline casinos as it prepares to offer a physical casino in 2008.

The study showed that gamblers are much more prepared to try new game technology at online casinos rather than at land casinos. Gamblers feel more comfortable trying new games at online casinos without fear of embarrassment. 78% of respondents said that they always played at online casinos first before going to play at land casinos, and sometimes they just stick with the online casinos. The reasons for playing online casino technology included less intimidation if they make mistakes, lower minimum bets online, and the ease of instructions offered at online casinos.

The study also showed that gamblers who usually play online casino technology will be more likely to have a go at their favorite games at land casinos while on vacation, than people who have never gambled before. This means that the land casinos benefit from the online casinos in the long run, because if it wasn’t for online casinos, many people would not have the confidence to gamble at offline casinos, even occasionally.

OCA News Editor