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Online Casino Technology a Hit with the Asian Market

Not too long ago, online casino technology was almost unheard of it Asia. In fact, only 9% of those who wagered at an online casino in 1999 were Asian, compared to 78% from the United States. Today, statistics paint a very different picture about the technology market.

The Asian market is being described as the Next Big Thing in the online casino technology industry. This is because online casino gambling has become a huge hit in countries such as Japan and China and hundreds of online casino sites are popping up all over the internet to meet the demands of Asian players. The situation has not always been this way. A 1999 survey showed that Asian players did not even make up 10% of the online casino technology market. Five years later, that figure had increased three-fold to over 25% – an enormous growth in such a short period of time.

Japanese internet surfers, in particular, are being targeted by the online casino industry due to the high rate of internet penetration from this public. In the same 1999 survey, 5.9% of online casino visitors were from Japan. By 2004, this number had doubled. Japan has huge technology potential within the gambling industry and many online casino sites are gearing themselves for what can only be described as the Asian onslaught. Almost every online casino site on the internet offers games in at least one Asian language (usually Japanese, although Chinese and Korean are also becoming more and more popular).

The rise in the number of gamblers from Asia within the online casino technology industry comes in the wake of the United States losing its majority presence. It is thought that by the end of 2006, only a quarter of online casino gamblers will be from the United States – a sharp drop from the 78% recorded in 2001.

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