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Online Casino Technology Partnership

Online casino technology provider Bet and Win has announced a partnership with Italian soccer greats, AC Milan. The online casino company will sponsor the soccer team’s shirts for the next four seasons, thus ensuring major coverage for the firm. Online casino technology companies sponsoring soccer teams is becoming quite the trend these days. Several online casino giants have signed million dollar sponsorship deals with British soccer teams, for the honor of having the companies’ logos printed on the teams’ shirts. Major media exposure ensures that billions of people worldwide will get to see these logos.

Soccer sponsorship doesn’t stop in the United Kingdom, however. Online casino technology giant, Bet and Win, has recently signed a partnership with the Italian team, AC Milan. The online casino company will sponsor AC Milan’s soccer shirts over the next four seasons. The deal covers all national and international matches which the team plays. By signing this deal with AC Milan, the Bet and Win online casino will enjoy maximum marketing exposure. Billions of people around the world watch games played by this soccer team every week. Over the past four seasons, for example, 50 billion people got to see the team’s jersey sponsor.

This boils down to over 3000 hours of local and international viewing time. The online casino hopes to enjoy similar success by partnering their technology with the soccer team. Soccer is an extremely popular betting game at Bet and Win online casino, as it is at many other sportsbetting sites around the world. The game is also viewed by people in the same age group as those who traditionally try their luck at an online casino. With that in mind, Bet and Win hopes to become one of the leading international betting companies in the world.

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