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IQ Ludorum Online Casino Technology Provider on the Mend

After a few years of financial hardships, IQ Ludorum online casino technology provider seems to be getting back on track and has made some solid acquisitions which could re-boost it into the online casino industry. In previous years, IQ Ludorum online casino technology provider was everywhere in the online casino industry, after having signed up several deals across the globe. After some financial trouble, the company disappeared for a while but it has suddenly reappeared and seems to have made some solid investments and acquisitions which will put it back on track for getting back into the online casinos industry.

One of the mega successful deals was the online casino technology provider’s acquisition of First Pay, an online debit card solution specialist. The company’s online casino technology is also being used in Bet Corp’s sportsbook sites and First Pay’s main client, World Sports Exchange is also growing more solid every day. The diversity being displayed by the online casino technology provider shows that they are determined to do anything they can do get back up there and join the ranks of the major players in the online casino industry.

The company has begun marketing some products and services at individual consumers and, through First Pay, will profit from debt card fees. Sean Forward has relocated to Antigua from the UK to take up an executive role at the online casino technology provider company. He will be responsible for the First Pay launch. The deal with Bet Corp sees the online casino technology company providing solutions for the routine management of a call center and online sportsbook.

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