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Online Casino Strip Poker Technology

An Irish online casino technology provider hopes to get into the record books by holding the world’s biggest strip poker contest. Paddy Power Poker online casino will be celebrating this fest in the summer. Paddy Power Poker, an Irish online casino technology provider, has announced that it plans to hold the world’s largest online casino strip poker competition. This interesting and ambitious contest will be taking place in Dublin in August. The online casino hopes to garner some popularity and (hopefully positive) PR by being the first online casino to hold such a tournament. Strip poker is not exactly one of the online casinos industry’s most popular games!

The online casino seems to have interesting reasons for holding this strip poker contest. They have stated that the strip poker tournament is being held in order to compensate the nation for the fact that the Irish national football team did not make it into the World Cup this year. The online casino technology provider decided to hold the strip poker contest after it was revealed in a recent survey that a high percentage of online casino poker players play the game naked….

The winner of this interesting and alternative online casino poker technology contest will receive an all-expenses paid holiday for two at one of Europe’s most prestigious nudist colonies. The online casino hopes that the publicity received from this contest will encourage more people to play online casino poker, on their site, and if they wish, naked.

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