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Online Casino Poker Technology Most Popular

The most popular game at the online casino today is undeniably online poker. The online poker phenomenon has made fortunes for many online casino technology operators and has even given rise to an exciting online casino competition – the World Championship of Online Poker. The World Championship of Online Poker technology offers lucrative prize money and prestigious titles, along with the fun and excitement of competing in an international online casinos poker competition.

Modeled on Las Vegas’ famous World Series of Poker competition, the event is eagerly anticipated by fans of online casino technology worldwide. Although the competition is unable to offer prize money in the same league as its namesake, it attracts poker fans unable to travel to attend live championships. It has grown to be the second most popular tournament for poker fans and the leader in online casinos poker technology.

Poker fans also claim the online casinos poker tournament has several advantages over live events. Entry fees are much lower and competitors are unburdened by travel or accommodation costs. The online casino technology tournament also draws a more international crowd in comparison to the 60 percent of Americans in the audience at the World Series of Poker. Fans also say that as online poker tournaments gain wider publicity, the prize money increases. The initial prize pool is valued at 2.5 million dollars and the final game is usually attended by over ten thousand people online.

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