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Online Casino Technology Boosts Payment Services

Online casino technology has subsequently affected the online payment services market. Online casino gamblers use these payment services when they deposit or withdraw money. With new online casino technology popping up every week, the demand for new online payment services has also risen. The whopping growth in the number of online casino players over the past months has turned this year to be the most profitable year for online payment services. Online casinos payment services such as Neteller, Moneybookers and Fire One have had a great year so far.

Since the beginning of the year, Neteller, popular among online casino technology players has managed to almost double its value on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investments Market. Today, Moneybookers has over 1 million account holders; some of them are online casino players who are using the company’s services for conducting transactions online. The other successful online casino payment service, Fire One, has seen its share price soaring over the past few months, ever since it became listed on the AIM.

Since it’s such a lucrative business, more and more companies are trying to enter the online casino technology and payment services market. The latest company to come up with its own online payment method is Google. These days, the internet giant is preparing to launch a new e-wallet technology service. However, it’s still not clear whether online casino players will be able to use their services for withdrawing and depositing funds with online casinos.

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