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Online Casino Technology Looks in New Directions

It’s a known fact that the online casino industry has neglected Mac technology for a long time. The reason why so many online casinos have turned their backs to Mac users has a lot to do with the fact that they represent small fraction of the market. For online casino operators it’s purely a matter of supply and demand. Why invest money in designing and marketing a platform that doesn’t appeal to the majority of users on the market? However, over the last months there has been a change in the way online casinos operators are approaching Mac technology. The online casino operators have woken up to the realization that Mac users are feeling left out of the online casinos industry.

These days, there are a lot of online casinos that offer Flash-based or Java-based technology. These online casinos games are compatible with both Mac and Windows users since they run through the use of the web browser and don’t require downloading and installing any kind of software. One of the online casinos called Bogeys Club has designed downloadable software customized especially for the use of Mac users.

It’s not everyday that an online casinos company decides to market a casino technology software designed for the use of Macintosh users who only account for 5% of the market. A Mac user that has recently given new online casinos software a shot had this to say, “Personally I was surprised by the room. It was a low traffic site which is usually bad for high stakes players. I was pleased to see most of the higher stakes players, $500NL and up, was very friendly and I became friends with them and we now play every night”.

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